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Rebuilding Copper Fin Heat Exchangers

Can my pool heater, boiler, or water heater heater heat exchanger be rebuilt?

If your copper fin boiler, water heater, or pool heater develops a leak in the heat exchanger, we can build one for you the same day. In fact the new one will be cupronickel, which has a longer life span under normal operating conditions. We will build it for a perfect fit into the chassis of your unit and will match right up with the piping for easy installation. We will use your existing headers and roll the tubing into them to factory specifications and meet the State Boiler Code for construction. You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over replacing the entire unit, and a minimum amount of down time. Often the unit can be back together the same day. No need to be without heat, hot water, or a warm pool. Your cost will be less that a manufacturer's replacement and you will have it in 24 hours or less in most cases. We can give you a quote before we start so you will know exactly what it will cost. We also stock additional parts you may need including supports, bolts, fire brick, and baffles. You unit will be as good as a new one at far less cost. Our heat exchangers have a full 2 year warranty when properly installed and operating under normal conditions.

Copper Heat Exchanger
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