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Internet warning

We all know that you can find anything on the internet and sometimes can find what appears to be a really good deal. Please consider this warning from Raypak, Inc concerning the purchase of heaters on the internet. Other manufacturers have similar policies

Raypak Internet Policy

While Raypak recognizes that the internet is an important source of information and a growing channel for selling many products, we strongly believe that pool heaters are not appropriate products to sell over the internet.

We want to ensure that everyone who purchases a Raypak pool heater gets the full benefits of their purchase. The only way customers can be certain of full warranty protection and unmatched performance is if they purchase a Raypak heater from their local pool professional. While Raypak cannot prevent internet resellers from offering Raypak products for sale, we do not authorize online retail sales of any of our pool heaters. We ask that you consider carefully the following before making your purchase decision;

  1. A pool heater installation does require experience and training and heater installations should be left to pool professionals.
  2. The Raypak Installation and Operating Manual clearly states on the cover "Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier".
  3. There are plumbing considerations that can affect the life and operation of the heater.
  4. Pool heaters shipped across the country one at a time are often mishandled and damage can occur.
  5. Your local pool professional is available to show you the proper operation of the heater to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.
  6. In the unlikely event of a problem after installation, your local pool professional will deal directly with Raypak to help expedite any service requirements.
  7. An internet purchase can affect your warranty