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Hartford and Ratliff Co. has been a trusted Furnace contractor in Farmington MI since 1955.
Hartford & Ratliff Co., Inc.
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Boiler Installation

Residential & Commercial Boiler Installation

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Residential Boiler Installation

Hartford & Ratliff has been installing residential and light commercial boilers in the Metro Detroit area since 1955. Our Technicians have installed hundreds of units over the years and are familiar with most every brand and model. When your boiler fails, we can assist you in selecting a boiler that will improve operation and efficiency. Although we have access to all major brands and models, we have models we recommend because of our service experience and true in field testing. With this extensive knowledge and well stocked trucks, backed with a warehouse carrying thousands of parts, your new unit can be installed quickly and efficiently. 

Commercial Boiler Installation

Whether you use a boiler to heater your facility or to product hot water for your facility, it is a key component of your system. When your boiler needs replacement for a car wash, laundromat, apartment building, community swimming pool, or other business, we have models available for quick installation to get you back on line. Our crews can quickly remove the worn out unit and install an energy efficient unit which will provide years of service.


If your boiler is ready for replacement, whether hot water or steam, we have several brands and models we have field tested to meet your needs effectively.


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